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Tabi - The Comfort Widget for Tablets & Readers

Tabi®  provides instant support, at the angle you want, without any fuss. You get great stability in a small stand that is light and portable. The weight of your tablet is distributed intelligently and rubberized stripes prevent your tablet sliding around as you gesture and type.

Tabi's angle slider is flexible and cushions your tablet. Clever geometry keeps Tabi stable on hard surfaces such as your desk and on soft surfaces such as your bed. Tabi has feet that are molded in and cannot fall out. The flat base means you can use Tabi as a prop on your chest when lying back. There are no wobbly hinges and no metal parts that might scratch your device.

You can lift the tablet and stand together and set them down together. Your stand stays with you as you move around, your tablet remains angled, yet always ready to be picked up.

The additional "back" position on Tabi ensures you always have a steep angle ready for video chat. The back is also where you can prop your tablet when reading on your chest, or watching movies. The slider travels all the way to the back, so angle adjustment is always available.

Ships Internationally from Los Angeles and Hong Kong