Using the Slider

1.   The slider on your Tabi is made from a flexible material designed to protect and cushion your device. When you receive your Tabi, please remove the slider and stretch the little tips back on themselves a couple of times to release the memory they have of the mold. This will ensure the slider moves freely on your Tabi. Push from both sides.

2.   You can rotate the slider 180 degrees and attach it the opposite way. This enables Tabi to work with a wider range of devices. Experiment with which orientation best suits your device and how you like to use your Tabi. 

3.   You can also attach the slider to the base of the Tabi to create very shallow angles suitable for use when leaning over a bench or for typing with the edge of your tablet elevated to make extra room for the balls of your hands.

Technical Specifications:
Tabi Stand: 4.72 in x 2.28 in x 1.1 in / 120 mm x 58 mm x 28 mm
Tabi Slider: 2.7 in / 68mm
Weight: 2 oz (58 g)